Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy (neuromuscular therapy)- a trigger point is a key to unlock a muscle. I press and hold on a knot to relieve pain in the muscle and surrounding muscles. Stubborn pain usually exists because miswiring in the brain makes the sufferer feel pain in the wrong location. When a trigger point is the real source of pain, and it usually is, you can rub, medicate, or perform surgery on the area that hurts but until the trigger point is treated, the pain will return. Unfortunately, many believe trigger point therapy should hurt as much as you can tolerate. I don’t buy the no pain, no gain philosophy. Based on my experience with hundreds of clients, I know that a gentle approach gets me better results than the harsh approach.

An exciting development occurred in 2008 when John Iams began to teach his original method of erasing trigger points (see PRRT) and again when Lawrence Woods improved on his technique (see NRT). Both methods reduce the severity of trigger points and generally do so better than rubbing the knot can.


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