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Have you been told that you have a problem that cannot be helped? Are you tired of treatments that don’t last? Maybe it’s time to check in with your body to find out why you’re hurting. Here are some common and uncommon types of bodywork that I offer.

  • Visceral Manipulation- if you’re looking for a permanent solution to a stubborn problem, this is the way to go. Visceral manipulation gets to the root cause of a variety of problems, from nerve pain to muscle tension to arthritis to constipation. It involves a whole-body evaluation to detect what’s behind your pain or dysfunction. Then very gentle, precise pressure is used to relax that structure. Structures treated include organs, joints, nerves, blood vessels, and more. Long-lasting results are often felt in one session. For example, in this video, windpipe treatment unlocks the client’s post-Covid upper back muscle tension. Months later, her back pain has not returned. Emotional trauma may also be addressed through this work without the need to talk through the past. Want to know what kind of results I’ve seen with your condition? Feel free to contact me.
  • Swedish Massage– this is massage as you see it portrayed on TV. Swedish may involve gliding strokes, kneading, rocking, or tapping. It can feel nurturing and take you into a state of deep relaxation, especially when combined with myofascial release and reflexology. Swedish can also be done with higher pressure, in which case it falls into the category of deep tissue. Although Swedish is often done with the client undressed under a sheet, it may also be done fully clothed.
  • Trigger Point Therapy (Neuromuscular Therapy)– a trigger point is a key to unlock a muscle and surrounding muscles. I press and hold a knot to relieve pain. Usually, stubborn pain is caused by trigger points that are away from the area where the client is feeling pain. I use comfortable pressure to unlock the muscle. Often, while pushing on the trigger point I can get it to release quickly and deeply using neural reset therapy connective tissue stretching. If you like homework, I may teach you a stretch or two. Trigger point therapy may be done fully clothed or with the client undressed, covered by a sheet. I find trigger point therapy works well in conjunction with neural reset technique and Swedish.
  • Neural Reset Technique (NRT)– this state of the art technique taps into the nervous system to switch off muscle tension. It may involve the therapist applying gentle pressure to connective tissue or the client gently resisting movements. It also works for joint pain and scars. With this technique, I find that 80 percent of chronic pain issues are reduced by 80 percent in the first visit. Although this technique is painless, it turns on muscles that are not used to working and sometimes they will become somewhat sore the next day. NRT works well with trigger point therapy and can be inserted into a Swedish massage when we discover tender areas.
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy by Bruno Chickley- this is lymphatic system coaching. The lymphatic system is a component of the immune system that picks up debris all around the body and processes it for recycling. When it is not working, fluid is attracted to debris and swelling develops. Extremely gentle pressure is used to stimulate the lymphatic system to pump harder, faster, and in a better direction. It is stimulated to use lymph highways rather than backroads or dead-ends. LDT is sometimes essential for relieving post-operative pain, joint pain or stiffness, and Lyme disease pain. Sometimes, it is just the thing to treat lower back pain that is resistant to Swedish, stretching, trigger point therapy, and neural reset therapy.
  • Myofascial Release– this uses very slow traction on tissue or joints to soften hard tissue. With the slowness of this technique, myofascial therapy enthusiasts often find themselves entering a dream-like state in which buried emotions or memories may come to the surface. I enjoy helping the client feel safe as they process whatever comes up.
  • Thai massage therapy– this is like yoga combined with massage. Stretching is done all over the body, using the therapist’s body in a variety of innovative ways to perform a sort of yoga on the client. Kneading is provided with palms, elbows, and feet in conjunction with stretches. You should youtube this if you want to understand what it looks like.

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